Where Can I Get A Mouth Guard?

Where Can I Get A Mouth Guard?

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It is common to think about going to the dentist for a routine cleaning or even for a toothache. But making an appointment at the dentist for a mouth guard just doesn’t seem as common. Truth be told, dentists prescribe custom-made mouth guards all the time. And patients often find a lot of relief when they do. 

What Are Mouth Guards Used For? 

Mouth guards are used for different reasons - and have been proven to be quite effective at treating an array of conditions. Let’s talk about a few of the most common uses for mouth guards. 

Sports. Perhaps the first thing you think of when it comes to mouth guards is sports. And, that would be an accurate thought since they are used quite often in sports like football, boxing, basketball, skateboarding, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, and more. Dental trauma is a very real scenario when it comes to any of these - and wearing a mouth guard can prevent (or at minimum, reduce) the damage. 

Bruxism. Teeth clenching and/or grinding is common in both kids and adults. It can be caused by stress, a misaligned bite, sleep disorders, and more. Although it may not seem like a big deal, over time the enamel can be worn down exposing softer dentin material. This can have an impact on one’s oral health. A mouth guard can become a barrier between your top and bottom teeth so they cannot be worn down when grinding. 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Using certain custom-designed mouth guards, the lower jaw is repositioned in a way that allows air to flow more freely. For those with mild to moderate OSA, this is often a go-to option to try. 

TMJ Disorder. Pain in the temporomandibular joint can have a negative impact on your quality of life. But resting the jaw gives it the best chance to recover - and reduce the pain you are experiencing.  These mouth guards are custom made and can offer much relief by giving the jaw time to recover overnight. 

Where Can I Get a Mouth Guard? 

You can buy mouth guards in many different places, including your local drugstore, sporting goods store, and discount store. These often require you to allow them to soak in hot water to get it soft and then place it in your mouth and bite down to form your impression. It is a good attempt at a mouth guard if you are looking for a generic fit. 

But, if you prefer a mouth guard that will serve you well with time and allow you to get the treatment you need with ease - then you need a custom-fit mouth guard from your dentist. An impression will be taken of your teeth to get the perfect fit every time. So, whether you are using it for sports, TMJ disorder, obstructive sleep apnea, bruxism, or something else - you will find that your dentist has the best solution with your oral health in mind. 

Mouth Guards from Bellissimi Dental

Getting a mouth guard from Bellissimi Dental means having a custom-fit mouth guard that will give you the highest level of comfort and protection. To learn more about them or how they can benefit you - or to schedule an appointment - contact us today at 330-741-3334. Or, request an appointment online.