COVID-19 Protocol

At Bellissimi Dental we understand the concerns and apprehension that people feel from the recent scenario we are all encountering. We have created this page so that you can understand the steps we take and the changes we have put into place. Some of the policies may change as more information is released and we monitor the situation in the upcoming days.

  • We will be screening all patients prior to their appointments by telephone, text, or email. Any patient who is experiencing symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, or other relatable symptoms are required to reschedule.
  • All patients who arrive to the office with any symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  • All checking in will be done over the phone. Patients are to call the office to verify they have arrived, and will remain in their car. When the clinical staff is ready for the patient, we will call you into the foyer (one by one) and may take your temperature. At this point you will fill out a consent form and verification that you are not ill. This procedure will continue until we believe we are fully past the pandemic. Then we will resume the normal check in process.
  • Payments for procedures will be taken over the phone or through our web bases system unless other form of payment is provided (check or cash).
  • All patients will be asked to hand sanitize in our foyer prior to entering the building.
  • All staff members are required to wash their hands prior to and after each appointment.
  • All staff members will perform universal routine disinfectant procedures as always done in the past to prevent any spread of infection.
  • Throughout the day the doors, lights, and front office equipment will be wiped down at least 2-3x per day and as needed. (Morning, lunch, and end of the day)
  • Any equipment will be properly disinfected after its use by any patient to include ipads, pens, operatories, and so forth.
  • We ask that you do not bring any companions with you to your appointment unless verified with a front office staff member. (Exceptions will only be to those who have special needs, pediatric patients, elderly, etc.) No companions will be allowed to enter the clinical areas at this time and all companions will be screened prior to entering the building as well as the patient.
  • Staff is required to comply with standard universal precautions as they always have this includes PPE, properly disinfecting between patients, proper sterilization techniques of instruments and devices, and waterline disinfectant protocols. (These procedures have always been in place and will continue. Additional procedures as required by government agencies will also be applied)
  • Staff will change into uniforms when entering the building and will change out of the uniforms prior to leaving. All uniforms will continue to be laundered in our facility.
  • Any staff experiencing flu-like systems will be required to stay at home and will be instructed to not report to work.

During this time and all time we take the safety of our patients/staff very seriously. We have always and will continue to comply with the proper requirements. If you have any additional questions please call us at 330-741-3334.