How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take?

How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take?

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Maybe you've never had a professional teeth cleaning, or it's been a while. You may be wondering how much time you need to set aside to get your teeth cleaned. It can be hard to take time out of your busy work or parenting schedule to get a cleaning, but you might find they don't take as long as you think.

What Does Dental Cleanings Involve?

Dental cleanings involve having your teeth cleaned by a dental professional and checked by a dentist. During your dental cleaning, you'll receive preventative and diagnostic services from the Bellissimi Dental team. We may recommend preventative treatments such as stain removal, sealants (for pediatric patients), plaque and tartar removal, teeth polishing, fluoride treatments, and the cleaning of dentures or partial dentures if applicable.

We may also offer diagnostic treatments, including assessing the gum tissue, oral cancer screenings, and dental X-rays to identify the presence of tooth decay. Your dentist may also perform an evaluation of your biting, chewing, and swallowing patterns and review your medical history. If you need further or more in-depth treatments, then they might refer you to a specialist. Sometimes dental cleanings also include tooth brushing and flossing instructions, nutrition counseling, and if applicable tobacco cessation counseling.

How Long Does a Dental Cleaning Take?

The answer to this question depends on your oral health. For example, if your teeth are healthy and clean, your dental cleaning should take about 30 minutes. On the other hand, if your dental health is poor and you have cavities or tartar buildup, the dental cleaning may take up to an hour. Generally speaking, you'll spend less time having your teeth cleaned if you maintain your oral health in between appointments with daily brushing and flossing. The more work you do in between seeing your dentist, the less work they will need to do when you see them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Cleaning

How Often is a Dental Cleaning Needed?

You should have a dental cleaning at least twice a year or every six months, according to dental professionals. However, in some situations, you might be advised to undergo cleanings on a more frequent basis, such as four times a year or every three months. For example, dental patients who are prone to gum disease or cavities may need or want to have frequent dental cleanings as a preventive measure.

Can a Dental Cleaning Prevent Staining?

Dental cleanings may not necessarily remove stains. However, when performed regularly, they can help prevent additional staining. The products used in a general dentistry office are much stronger than those available to use at home, so they are better able to remove the buildup that causes staining.

Dental Cleanings in Brunswick

At Bellissimi Dental of Brunswick, OH, we can help you maintain a happy, healthy smile. We will do all we can to ensure your cleaning is as comfortable and effective as possible. To schedule your dental cleaning today, contact us online or call us at 330-741-3334 to request an appointment.